Tuesday, March 01, 2005

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San Pedro Harbor of Santa Catalina Island, California.

Heavenly Beautiful Mormon Temple Square @ Salt Lake City.

Spannish Fork Canyon and Silver Lake Flat @ American Fork Canyon.

Yellowstone's Bison and Our Home @ Cedar Hills, Utah

Our Sweet Home @ Cedar Hills, Utah and Vicinity

Collegue Reunion and Mission Peak in Fremont, California

Bridge @Fort Bragg, California and famous Niagara Falls

Statue of Liberty @ New York and Vietnam War Memorial @ DC

Jefferson Liberary @ DC and Scenic Byway @ Escalante, Utah

The Hoodoos! Bryce Canyon National Park @ Winter, 2004

Zion National Park, heavenly peaceful and beautiful place

Lone Cypress Tree @ Monterey Bay and Bellagio Funtain @ Las Vegas

Hoover Dam in Dought and Colorado River @ Grand Canyon

Helicopter @ Grand Canyon and Half Dome @ Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Falls (2425 ft.) and Walt Disney World Theme Parks

Moab @ Southern Utah, Arches and Canyonlands National Parks


Anonymous said...

i am wondering how many places you have been?

Anonymous said...

albert, this is wu zhanglao... just gotta say... the website is incredible. later!

Anonymous said...

Li family!
I am so impressed by this wonderful website! Aaron was so excited to show it to me...now I know why! Albert, you are a very good photographer! You must have had some formal training, becuase it is fantastic! Your family has quite a travel log...you have travelled EVERYWHERE! How exciting! Thank you for sharing your website with us, and also for posting a CONGRATULATIONS to us as well. If you wanted to check out my family's webpage at - www.homepage.mac.com/rolandsnyder -
Have a fabulous day! -sincerely, melissa wood

lushootseed said...

Hi Albert,
Your pictures are awesome. Why don't you post some of the tricks of the trade?

Anonymous said...

Daddy you are wierd! :(

fantababy said...

really nice blog! full of nice pics!

Milan said...

Indeed, a wonderful world of lovely pictures. I'll make sure to check your site more often!

MrsKNMount said...

You are Mormon? That's cool... My mom's mormon.... Nice site.. great pics..