Thursday, November 11, 2004

Spanish Fork Canyon and Mount Nebo

We had chance to visit Alpine Loop (SR#92) at Uinta National Forest, Spanish Fork Canyon and Mount Nebo this fall. Here are some of the photos.

What are you doing? Clara
小调皮, 你在干什么? 背景是 Mount Nebo (12,000ft.)

Near Mount Nebo 犹他秋天的景色真是令人心旷神怡

Look! Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooo @SFC
梦溪和梦钰都喜欢看野生动物, 和美丽的风景

See SFC, ... 红的, 黄的和绿的树叶, 美丽的"西班牙人峡谷"

Smile Mami and Lovely Clara
梦钰和妈妈笑得多好, 风景怡人人自笑

Spanish Fork Canyon 2 色彩缤纷的"西班牙人峡谷"

Spanish Fork Canyon 3 色彩缤纷的"西班牙人峡谷"

Spanish Fork Canyon 4色彩缤纷的"西班牙人峡谷"

View from Draper Mount 左前方是CedarHills,

Cascade Springs, 在Uinta国家森林公园, 卡斯克特泉一年四季奔流不断,
带给游人无尽的享受. 泉水同时供养着GermanBrownTrout和RainbowTrout

严磊和梦钰在Cascade Springs宁静的公园, 梦钰很享受

Margaret, Lily and Clara 梦钰梦溪严磊, 背景是MountTimpanogas(11,750ft.)

Lily and Clara 摄于美不胜收的犹他Byway,SR#92,AlpineLoop

Mount Timpanogas, the backyard of our new home

American Fork Canyon, 5 miles away from our home

Mount Timpanogas, from Alpine Loop of Uinta National Forest

Cowgirl Clara!牛仔女孩梦钰 at her "犹他大房房"

Mount Nebo, 12,000 ft., 是WasatchFront最高的山峰,
每天在我们家的前院看见它, 第一次近看......

Cowgirl! Clara 梦钰很喜欢爸爸给她照相, 摆了个Pose...
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