Saturday, June 06, 2009

Air Show at Hill AFB, Utah 2009

We enjoyed the Air Show very much! Next time we will be there early to watch and prepare better. See you AIR SHOW 2011. (a pretty good media coverage is here)

IMG #1 Memorial Park in Hill AFB, we pass here on our way to the field.

IMG #2 People waiting in line to enter the Air Show field.

IMG #3 One of the Early Fighters.

IMG #4 One of the many parachute jumping.

IMG #5 People is enjoying the show.

IMG #6 Air men and the youngsters.

IMG #7 The big boy is showing his big belly.

IMG #8 This is C-130 Hercules from Travis AFB. More information about C-130 here.

IMG #9 Margaret Clara and Noah are going through the Hercules...

IMG #10 This is Rockwell B-1 Bone Lancer from Ellsworth AFB, Rapid City, South Dakota. (Key Spec: Max Speed Mach 1.2; Unrefueled Range 6350 Miles; Cost 280 Millions)

IMG #11 Hercules' big nose...

IMG #12, Margaret and Noah are standing by the landing tires of the Rockwell B-1 Bone Lancer.

IMG #13, Something about 10 miles away from the field (used 20x zoom of Canon's SX10IS).

IMG #14 The introduction for the Rockwell B-1 Bone Lancer.

IMG #15 The deck for the Rockwell B-1 Bone Lancer.

IMG #16 Rockwell B-1 Bone Lancer from Ellsworth AFB, Rapid City, South Dakota.

IMG #17 The famous Thunderbirds is showing.

IMG #18 One of the two Thunderbirds which demonstrated the trick: fly towards each other at a very close distance, looks they would hit each other but did not (Key word: Crash! NO!).

IMG #19 Those four Thunderbirds are flying together...

IMG #20 Those four Thunderbirds are forming a "1" team. Looks amazing. They are very close to each other. More information about the USAF Thunderbirds here.

~~~ More Photos from Local Media or BBS (Added 10JUN2009) ~~~

Backyard Fruit Trees, Vegetables and Flowers

Today (06 June 2009), while waiting my kids get ready for the air show, I took some pictures for my vegetable garden, fruit trees and flowers at backyard.

The black colored "weed control fabric" is really good for tomato's growth, because it absorbs a lot of sunny heat for the roots...

This year, the cherry harvest perspective looks really promising.

Some cherry appears to be a little reddish now...

Plum are grew bigger...

The roses are blooming now...