Monday, February 15, 2010

Ice Fishing Trip to Scofield

We had a ICE FISHING trip to SCOFIELD LAKE on 15 February 2010. Although it is a sporadic snow day we still had good time.

We went to Cabelas first to buy some Ice Fishing stuff, and most important, a year around Utah Fishing License.

Clara is smile on the iced reservoir Scofield.

What's wild life here at Scofield reservoir.

The fishing rules posted for Scofield reservoir.

At the Madison Bay, we saw three young guys sitting there.

Exactly when we meet, this guy is catching a rainbow trout, he said this is his first catch through the ice ever. He is so excited to show us.

He showed to Noah and Clara.

The vacation shelters around the Madison Bay at Scofield reservoir, Utah.

Here we are the happy family on the ice.

We tried several ice holes.

Then, we were driving around the reservoir. We saw a lot of people do the ice fishing on the Mountain View unit of Scofield reservoir, Utah.

Take a closer look.

The "Eskimo" brand ice fishing tent on the iced Scofield reservoir. The ice is about 2 feet deep.

Scofield reservoir, Utah on 156 February 2010 afternoon.

A view at a corner of Scofield reservoir, Utah. 15 February 2010.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Lily Made Sushi

Today, Lily made pretty good Sushi for our family, after she just learn from her friend Sister Chao in Alpine .

Noah wanted to show up before the camera.

Lily working hard to make Sushi.

The final products are looking pretty good and really tasted good. Margaret and me loved it! Congratulation to Lily!

Monday, February 01, 2010

A Dream Poem

In the morning of the first day of February, I waked up two times, one at about 1:35am and another one about 3:30am. In my dream, a poem appeared to my mind. So when I finally waked up at the alarm time 4:30am, I wrote it down on a piece of paper as below.


我数, 在心里


很多很多的枪弹, 声音

血, 血, 血...