Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ice Fishing: Strawberry Reservoir Utah

I had the chance went with my friends to have Ice Fishing at Strawberry Reservoir today. The exact location of our spots is +40° 10' 47.17", -111° 1' 48.00".

7:18 AM, 19 March 2011. Aspen Grove Parking Lot, Strawberry Reservoir, Utah.
We were heading to the spots.
Starting the work.
Using the Power Ice Auger.
Ice Fishing looks like that.
A band of Ice Fishers.
Good friend to my friend. He is very good at Ice Fishing.
One lonely guy out there.
About the Sun Rise time. 8:21 AM.
Lonely Ice Fisher.
Sunshine over the reservoir.
Sunshine over the lake shore housing.
Sunshine over the people.
Sunshine over my friend.
Clouds coming. 11:35AM.
The lonely Ice Fisher.
People playing snow mobile.
Another group of ice fishers came later.
I got a fish later. 12:18 PM.
Park Ranger was check our fishing, make sure no violation happened. 12:56 PM. Aspen Grove Parking Lot
My car parking at Aspen Grove Parking Lot. 1:00 PM.
I cleaned the fishes. They are looked so fresh at our dinner table. 3:53 PM.

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