Saturday, January 02, 2010

Diamond Fork Canyon

We intended to have a hike to Fifth Water Hot Springs today, but only to find out that the snow pack is too much to reach the traihead. We still have fun to look around. It's amazing that Utah has so many undiscovered treasures to us. We have decided to come back again next spring and fall time.

The view (looking south) on the road of Diamond Fork Canyon before the gate which is 5 miles from our intended target Fifth Water Hot Springs trailhead.

We stopped at the "Youth Forest" sign.

We ere trying to reach the bridge over the Diamond Fork River.

Those Skiers were backing from the trailhead. They told us there are 5 miles ahead to reach the trailhead from this point.

There was one jet fighter fly over us.

One tree on the east side mountain.

There were two more jet fighters fly over us.

People just have fun in the Uinta National Forest, for free. The words "Best Snow On Earth" is an accurate description here.

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