Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 1, CruiseAmerica RV

We planed the trip on this April, reserved the RV from CruiseAmerica dot com, RV parking at Fishing Bridge of Yellowstone and Snake River KOA of Jackson, Wyoming. We are excited to start our First Recreational Vehicle vacation today. 我们计划此次旅行在今年的四月, 在CruiseAmerica.COM预订了休闲车(Recreational Vehicle), 还预订在黄石公园Fishing Bridge的帕车位, 也及在Jackson Wyoming KOA 的帕车位. 今天(2008年六月二十八日)我们极兴奋地开始了我们人生第一次自驾休闲车旅游.

Together with 3 kids we have too much stuff to load into our small SUV - Nissan Xterra. 我们俩口加上三个小孩, 有太多的东西要塞进我们的小SUV - Nissan Xterra.

We arrived at CruiseAmerica Murray, Utah hub early, about 11am. We expected to have 420 miles to go. This standard size RV has 10 mile-per-gallon. 我们在上午11AM抵达CruiseAmerica在Murray Utah的分部. 我们预计有420迈(706KM)路程要赶. 这是标准尺寸的RV(长25FT), 耗油比大约是一Gallon(3.8 L)跑10迈[10MPG=每100公里耗油22.6公升]

We stopped at Plymouth Utah just before we crossed state line into Idaho. I filled about $180 gas for a 55 gallon tank. (the station has a $75 per fill limit, so I had to swipe my credit card 3 times!) 我们在跨越到Idaho州界前在Plymouth Utah短停加油休息. 车是55加仑的油箱, 我加了大约180美金的油. 加油站有每次加油75美金的限额, 所以我只得刷了三次信用卡!

We were enjoy our lunch at the table inside the vehicle, that's AWESOME! (by the way, we prepared with Li's Fried Rice, that's yummy!) 我们很享受在车里的桌子上吃午饭, 感觉棒极了! (顺便说一下, 我们特地准备了李氏炒饭, 真美味呀!)

Another stop: Idaho Falls, Idaho. The view is spectacular with the LDS temple! We loved it! 另一次停车, 在爱达荷州的爱达荷瀑布市. 这里的风景优美, 背景是LDS的圣殿. 我们很喜欢! (注: LDS是Latter-day Saints的简称. 全称是The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints耶穌基督後期聖徒教會)

Idaho Falls with the bridge. 爱达荷瀑布和大桥.

Idaho falls with a LDS church chapel. 爱达荷瀑布和LDS教会建筑.

Idaho falls with the LDS temple. 爱达荷瀑布和LDS圣殿.

We arrived the parking site at around 8:30pm. That's Fishing Bridge RV Park at Yellowstone National Park, 55 miles from the West Yellowstone Entrance Station. 我们经West Yellowstone进了世界上第一个国家公园: 黄石国家公园. 从西大门到我们的宿营地Fishing Bridge又开了一个多小时(55Miles). 大概8:30PM我们才算是安停了.

We enjoyed our dinner about 10:25pm. We loved the Chinese noodles. 我们在大约10:25PM开始享受我们的晚餐. 中式面条是我们大家的爱.

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